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. thanks for being with us tonight. >> glenn: hello, america. tonight we'll take on the economy. we have done our homework, our research. a lot of over the last year. tonight i just want to focus on the economy. i'm going to close the case on what is -- what barack obama has said is the fundamental transformation of our country. i believe it's the destruction of our monetary system. we've got a lot of work to do, so buckle up. here we go! ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. i brought my tv in from my childhood because i want to show you old clips tonight. tonight, i'm going to give you a hard concept to get your arms around. this one is difficult. this is what i think stops us from advancing any argument. this is a concept where you have to come to believe that there are people in this country who want to intentionally collapse our economic system. how could any american in any party, anybody who disagree with want to collapse and do something like that? well, those involved sleep fine at night, because they tell themselves that they are not collapsing, they are just fundamentally transfor
that come from? i do not know. it is fun. it is just fun. race is the most important thing in america. it really is. what i get out of an audience in 15 minutes a psychiatrist cannot get out of them in 15 years. you'll sit and listen about sex, religion, you think things are taboo, and they will sit there and listen and will not open their mouths, do not respond. but you talk about race and will flip in five, 10 minutes. >> why is race a fertile ground to navigate? >> because america is caught up in it. we are a melting pot. there are so many different nationalities, so many different races, people of different colors, it is just fun. tavis: when people think that you are being in politics, paul is being kilobit and politic -- paul is being a little bit incorrect, what you say? >> i am a comedian. people are like saints. we make people's lives better. it is true, without us, you guys would be miserable. especially in the political arena now. our economy, the way the world is, we need comedians. tavis: where does paul mooney find funny? >> in life. the funny it is in life. it is in thi
that co from? i do not know. is fun. it is justun. race is themost important thing in america. it reallys. what i get out of an audience in 15 minutes psychiatrist cannot t out of them in 15 years. you'll s and listen out sex, relion, you think thingsre taboo, and ty will sit there d listen a will not open their mouths, do t resnd. but you talkbout race and wi flip in five, minutes. whys race a fertile ground to navigate? >> because america is caught up in it. we are a melting p. there soany different nationalities, soany different races, people of different colors, it is just fun tavis:hen people think that you are being litics, paul is being kilobit and politic -- pauls bei a little bit incorrect,hat you say? >> i am a comedn. people are like saints. we ma people's lives better. it is true, without us, yo guys would be miserable. especially in the political ara now our economy, the way the world is, we need comedians. vis: where does ul mooney find fny? >> in life. the funny it is in life. it is in this mome now, being with you. when i leave her i will b talking abouyou. that is what
and manufacturers of america wants those drugs protected from low cost jenngen competitors. the group's top executive sent an e-mail to board members obtained by cnn and other media outlets. in it, he said it could not support the health reform bill if the drugs get fewer than 12 years of protection for their patents. >>> preliminary autopsy results show a southern indiana basket player may have died from a heart condition. 21 year jeron lewis collapsed during a game. he later died at the hospital. the team's coach says lewis showed no sign of health problems before he collapsed. fans say they saw lewis hit his head during a hard fall under the basket with about four minutes left to go in the game and his teammates say lewis lost 40 pounds over the summer as part of an effort to get in shape. >>> today your views question, police and privacy. it seems cameras are everywhere these days. ever since the police beating of rodney king was videotaped in 1991, the practice has become common especially with places like facebook and youtube. recently a few people in boston spotted officers making ar
>>> good morning, america. on this wednesday, january 13th. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. breaking news this morning, a major earthquake devastates the impoverished nation of haiti. thousands are feared dead. others are trapped in the rubble. it's the worst earthquake to hit the region in two centuries. >> 3 million people affected. homes, hospitals. and even the presidential palace crumble in the face of the 7.0 quake. details still sketchy at this hour. we're live in the region. >>> also this morning, the nation's top bankers set to be grilled in congress. could any of them actually face criminal charges? >>> and conan o'brien says thanks, but no thanks. breaking down in tears in front of his staff. he tells them, if nbc moves the time of his show, he's gone. >>> good morning, everyone. our top story this morning, of course, still developing, as america and the world scramble to help haiti after that massive earthquake. one aid official says it is total disaster and chaos. the quake was centered about ten miles from the crowded capital city of port-au-pri
>>> good morning, america, on this thursday, january 7th. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. breaking news this morning. the president is set to release his findings today on the christmas day bombing attempt. his top security adviser says americans will be shocked by what they hear. as we learn this morning that federal agents knew that the bomber was on the plane. and they were set to meet him when he landed. >>> 180 million americans are in the cold. could you believe it's colder in texas than in antarctica? our sam champion is in the middle of the storm. >>> and where is baby gabriel. the search for this boy that's been missing for weeks. did his mother really give him to strangers? we'll speak with his father this morning. >>> and the billboard e white house wants taken down. why is this giant ad here in times square causing such is a stir? >>> it's great to be wh all of you this morning. welcome. as we said this afternoon, president obama will release that intelligence report, that says that u.s. officials actually knew that someone suspicious was on boa
the united states of america. the longer it goes on, the worse it is for the country and the worse it is for the administration. >> bill: i do think that the media is consciously underreporting this story tonight. i don't think you will see it on many other broadcasts. president obama out today trying to convince republicans to cooperate with him. that was one of his themes in the state of the union address that the republicans are the party of no. here is what mr. obama said today. >> i know folks, when we are in town there, spend a lot of time reading the polls and looking at focus groups and interpreting which party has the upper hand in november and in 2012 and so on and so on and so on. that's their obsession. i'm not a pundit. i'm just a president. so take it for what it's worth. but i don't believe that the american people want us to focus on our job security. they want us to focus on their job security. >> bill: so my question is, do you believe the republican party is going to cooperate with the president. or, as we said, after the state of the union, they are just going t
. [ male announcer ] we're america's largest financial planning company. meet us today at ameriprise.com. >>> i think your father was a great man. is a great man. just so i wouldn't be so intimidated by how pretty you are, i've been thinking about your father the whole time. >> that will do it. >> "the wall street journal," ohm bahia to tout job push. americans want eyes on the economy. >>> "washington post," toyota screeches to a halt on eight models in an effort to fix the sticking gas pedal problem. >>> "the indianapolis star," that will affect two assembly plants. >>> and tim tebow's spot on the super bowl causes a stir. more ahead in sports. >>> and "dallas morning news," home prices increase after more than two years of decline. home prices have turned positive for dallas. william, let us open up. >> what's inside? >> let's go down to d.c. and talk to the editor in chief of politico, mr. john harris, with a look at the playbook. >> good morning, willie. >> good to see you this morning. >> happy state of the union day. only 14 hours away. we have the countdown clock we are going
, you can open the. if you pictured a man, then you are like over 90 percent of people in america who automatically respond is think later, think man. this was the result of three different studies done by catalyst, in which they discovered that americans default setting on leadership is male. and at any time a woman acts in ways that are a little more assertive, a little more demanding in the business world, she's considered an unnatural leader because she's a woman. but if she tries to be more collaborative, if she tries to be softer and gentler, well, forget it. she's too wishy-washy to be a leader. it's a real real double-blind. and we see the same thing in the arts. we see it in dance, we see in music. in fact, a woman architect said you know, i'm beginning to think that something like the bermuda triangle of that is happening to my coworkers. there were plenty of them in the pipeline, and from the 1970s there shortly said the. but they disappear when it comes to hire positions. there's so much discrimination against mothers in the workplace that it's actually even earned its own
on terror, i'm eric sean, welcome to america's news headquarters. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby, great to have you here and they voice on the tape also vows there will be more attacks of -- against the u.s. caroline shivley is following these latest developments from washington, caroline, first, the tape says that al qaeda is behind the christmas-day bombing attempt. can you tell us more? >> reporter: sure, it's an interesting claim by bin laden, al qaeda and the arabian peninsula, a franchise of al qaeda are based in yemen and claimed responsibility two days after the attack and the bomber suspect himself allegedly told police that he was trained in yemen and told to get on the plane and this message makes it seem like bin laden is trying to show that he is in charge of al qaeda worldwide. and the different branches are now operating on their own while he is holed up in a cave along the afghan-pakistan border and here's the reason he gives for the attacks. >> translator: it is unfair that you enjoy a safe life while our brothers in gaza suffer greatly. therefore, with god's will, our attacks
. >>> another fox news alert, hope to go hear from america's newest senator this morning. here he is, senator-elect republican scott brown, at a victory party last night, the republican candidate for ted kennedy's senate seat, pulling off the improbable, beating democrat martha coakley in last night's election. here is some of what he said last night at his rally. >> hope they're paying close attention because tonight the independent voice of massachusetts has spoken! >> and if anyone, it anyone, does that in this next election season that's about to begin, let mem take a look at what happened in massachusetts. because what happened here, what happened here in massachusetts, can happen all over america. we are all witnesses, you and i, to the truth and ideals, hard work, strength of heart can overcome the political machine. and it all started with me, my truck, and a very few amount of dedicated volunteers. however, it ended with an air force one making an emergency run to logan. and i didn't mind when the president came here and criticized me and talked about, you know, some of the things th
>>> good morning, america. on this thursday, january 21st. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. this thorning, damage control. as the white house scrambles to salvage health care reform, the president takes some blame in our exclusive interview. what's his plan now? >>> and a bombshell expected this morning from former senator and presidential candidate, john edwards. reports he admits he's the father of his former campaign worker's child. >>> california clobbers with more pounding rain. planes are struck by lightning. and hundreds evacuate fearing mudslides. sam champion is in the heart of the storm. >>> pictures of tiger woods surface, reportedly showing the missing golf star holed up in this sleepy, southern town. but what's he doing there? >>> and diet wars in court. two of america's welterweight diet giants set to duke it it in a slimdown showdown. why valerie bertinelli could be exhibit "a." >>> and there is a lot of news this morning. it looks like john edwards finally going to admit that he's the father of the child of his former campaign worker. he's goi
on that? >> i think, you know, he was very much in tune with, i think, america, americana, what was going on. he certainly knew who elvis presley was. i don't know whether he followed the career completely, but he understood his place in american culture. his importance. i think halederman understood that. obviously dwight chaffin who continued this whole thing, this would not have happened without dwight's foresight and vision. i think the president was aware of it. he didn't play the tunes at night. >> a question for jerry, i wanted to know if you had insight or details of the logistics of elvis leaving memphis, his first trip to washington, as far as, you know, it's mind-boggling to think that elvis gets on a plane in in memphis, comes to washington, if i was walking through the airport, i'd probably be standing there, staring, waiting for elvis to do or say smog, as far as him arriving in washington and checking into the hotel, did he tell you anything, anything happening, taxi ride, do you have any details? >> there was a couple of details. one was, you know, what ementioned earlier
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's the responsibility the world, not especially of america. >> that's their country. maybe we have stepped in too much. >> i think the u.s. is spread a little thin. >> i don't know if it's stretched too thin. i i had there is always going to be conflicts, especially in that part of the world. >> i think we have an obligation to speak out and use diplomatic efforts to step in military airily any time there is something like that going on. it's really not justified. >> we should try to help other countries. but i still maintain the fact that we should do better here as well. >> reporter: i'm joe carter and i'll see you on the street. >> and you'll see more of joe carter. so if you see him and he asks you a question, tell him what you think. >>> american politics reels from a supreme court ruling. critics say the justices just unleashed a flood of corporate money into the process. is this the price of free speech? your views just ahead. >>> reaction to the supreme court's decision on campaign finance has been sharp and bitterly divided. >> the bottom line is this -- the supreme court has just predetermin
out for them. >> i have never been more hopeful than i am about america's future than tonight. >> reporter: good try, but -- >> he is living a dream. >> reporter: this area has not seen signs of the easing. one-third of the people here live below the poverty level. >> i didn't say it would be easy. >> reporter: it's something people here understand, but distrust in government runs deep, even among democrats. >> they should be embarrassed, republicans and democrats, they should be embarrassed what they are doing to us now. >> reporter: he offered tax credits for child care and a cap on student loan programs. the most popular idea, using money paid back by bailed out wall street banks to help small businesses. >> i think he means it, but can he get it done? that's the question. >> seems like he was trying to put a lot of sugar on a lot of things. he was jumping around and trying to appease everybody. >> reporter: still, others felt they heard what they heard during his run for president, especially when he called for bipartis bipartisansh bipartisanship. >> the civil war is over
in america. has the obama presidency changed americans' views of race? the results of our exclusive nbc/"wall street journal" poll, joel see it here first. >>> and nbc's late-night fight takes center stage on the golden globe carpet and the stars are not holding back. >>> first, a look ahead at the president's schedule on this martin luther king day. you are watching "the daily rundown" here on msnbc. hot waffles. the smell of warm maple syrup. you know the smell after it rains. that's it. announcer: whatever scents fill your household, tidy cats scoop neutralizes the odors of multiple cats. tidy cats scoop. keep home smelling like home. and added a little fiber? sweet! sweet! sweet! (announcer)splenda no calorie sweetener with fiber. now for the first time, a gram of healthy fiber in every packet. sweet! (announcer) splenda no calorie sweetener, starts with sugar. tastes like sugar. but it's not sugar. no calories and a little fiber. how's that taste? (together) sweet! sweet! (announcer) splenda with fiber. imagine life sweeter. host: could switching to geico 15% or more on car insuran
the most fuel efficient car company in america, well, then how do you explain all this? chevy malibu, cobalt, silverado, and the all-new equinox. compare them to anyone. may the best car win. >>> we'll get the latest on the latest effort, the rescue. this is serious business, the people trapped in haiti and still alive. >>> welcome back. let's get the latest on haiti from nbc's nancy snyderman. dr. snyderman, the floor is yours. tell us what we're able to do over there. millions of people without water and food. a huge military challenge. and still a rescue effort under way. >> chris, it depends on neighborhood to neighborhood. i've seen devastation unlike anything i've ever seen before. and you're right, the response has been massive. we were at the airport yesterday when the 82nd airborne and military really moved in. the airport has been secure for several days. but outsidelines have been getting restless. basically men and some women lining up for any word. translation, working, building, people have been carrying hammers to show they have carpentry skills. today, some of the pol
. >> everybody needs to work. without work, you have crime. everything just gets worse. >> you know, america wants a good story. the good story is we had this terrible thing happen to us and we bounced back. the reality is it's going to take us longer to bounce back than, you know, a year. >> no, we're not out of the woods. >> we're in deep crap. >> hopefully the worst days are behind us. >> reporter: well, that's a lot of people with a lot of views. and everyone counts. i'm joe carter. i'll see you on the street. >> "views from the street," one more way for you to voice your opinion on hln. we'll have more from joe all week. >>> the third wife of former chicago area police sergeant drew peterson may testify from the grave today. kathleen save yoe's family is expected to describe her fears that peterson might kill her. initially her death in 2004 was ruled an accidental drowning. after peterson's fourth wife stacy disappeared, investigators reopened the investigation into savio's death. peterson has plead not guilty. a judge will decide if statements from these hearings will make it into pet
. in his party's weekly address, he said making afghanistan more secure is key to making america more secure. >> to circumvent and preempt this threat, we rely heavily on our intelligence gathering systems professionals at home and abroad. the recent suicide attack on the cia in khost reminded us of the determination of terrorists. the rest of umar farouk abdulmutallab makes clear that there is much to be reviewed in the way that intelligence is shared, collected, analyzed, in our methods of approach. at home, a systemic failure within our intelligence analysis and airport security must be corrected to defeat the ever changing strategy of those who seek to harm america. >> the afghan parliament is turning thumbs down on most of president hamid karzai's cabinet appointments. for the second time, lawmakers have rejected the ma jrt of the president's nominees. just seven of the 17 ministers are in office. members of parliament complained some nominees are too cozy with afghan warlords and others too cozy with the afghan operations. the president is leaning on him to get his government in
to feel how the rest of america used to feel. host: connecticut, on our independent line, go ahead. caller: what i learned yesterday was democracy in action. if that was a boxing match, president obama 113 rounds. ford simple -- won 13 rounds. i am a fiscal conservative. he called of frank luntz and said it is good to have good talking points on different policies but you cannot throw out jobs. they have to work together. that was amazing. i had never seen anything like it. i watched it on c-span yesterday. i watched it this morning. thank you for everything you do for cspan. host: if you missed the re-air on this, you could go to our website, c-span.org. little rock, arkansas, and arab democrats line -- on our democrats line, what did you learn from yesterday? caller: i already knew that the president was sharp. i already knew that he loved his country and cared about this country and wanted to do the best he could. what i did learn is that many of the things that republicans say are talking points. i knew -- i knew that the to see him respond to it was a good thing. america needs to see
in america who need a little help. >> reporter: but she waited precious months before calling. >> i was so convinced there's no way somebody's going to give you medicine for free without a gimmick. >> reporter: they did. within days. it's called the partnership for prescription assistance. pharmaceutical companies provide assistance to those who make too little money more medical insurance. typically an individual making $21,000 a year or a family of four living on $44,000 would qualify. there's no time limit, as long as your income remains tight, the free meds keep coming. >> as long as you qualify from an income standpoint and as long as you're uninsured, you can continue to receive your medicines indefinitely. >> some of the free medicines come right to shirley's house in the mail. others she picked up at the doctors office. thanks to $1500 worth of free drugs every month, shirley is doing well. she's thriving, instead of dying. >> she's empowered by all this. >> reporter: the woman who was so skeptical when she saw these commercials has now taped a commercial of her own to let other pe
and they need the government, i'm so grateful for america because they're in there, and all the other nations coming in and helping and i feel so proud of america for that, i'm so proud to be an american, to see that, even though my ancestors are haitians that were coming together. everyone wants to come together and help my country. i'm just thankful. thank you. >> i can only imagine how you feel. we're all proud to be americans at this point especially with the relief we're getting into. if you look behind you there, there's the assignment desk at cnn in new york. you hand those names to them, they will get them to the people in the field and well look for those people. >> thank you so much, and god bless. >> god bless you as well. >>> amid all the heartache in haiti, there are some bright spots as well. you're going to hear from one family in texas who got some good news after waiting for days. anncr vo: ...call emergency services... anncr vo: ...collect accident information. anncr vo: or just watch some fun videos. anncvo: it's so easy, a caveman can do it. caveman: unbelievable... cavema
. they found 12 firearms found at checkpoints across america's airports, 24 incidents involving a checkpoint closure, a terminal evacuation or a sterile area breach. that might have been related to what happened in newark, new jersey on sunday might, when hours -- well i guess the delays went on for hours at newark sunday night after somebody went down the wrong day -- way, and that person was checked out, and they screened all the passengers, which delayed the flights for hours sunday night, and four artfully conceived prohibited items found at checkpoints. that's what the tsa is logging over a seven-day period. wanted to pass that along to you, from the website, tsa.com. patti ann: high society heiress and among other things, casey johnson is dead, her body was found at her los angeles home yesterday but the celebrity website tmz reports that johnson may have been dead for several days. the 30-year-old was the daughter of new york jets owner woody johnson and the great granddaughter of the founder of johnson & johnson. bob decastro of fox affiliate kt tv joins nous front of the home of cas
'll check on kerry sanders with the situation in haiti in a few minutes. >>> back here in america, a major political story unfolding. voters head to polls in massachusetts in a u.s. senate race with huge national implications. about a month ago, democrat martha coakley was considered a virtual shoo-in. but scott brown is pulling ahead with brown opposing the health care overhaul, the race now threatens president obama's top domestic priority. with that, the president headed to massachusetts yesterday to try and jump start his base and salvage the democrat's 60th vote. >> if you were fired up in the last election, i need you more fired up in this election. i need you working just as hard in the final days. i need you knocking on doors, making phone calls, talking to your friends and your neighbors and telling them what's at stake on tuesday, that every vote matters, that every voice matters. >> wow. that's a risk. for more on this razor-close race, nbc's norah o'donnell joins us live from boston, braving the cold rain. norah, good morning. >> i know, it looks like we're covering a hurricane
years. >> i'm a democrat, but i'm not here so that the democratic party trumps everything in america. it's got to be -- it's got to do what's right for america. >> reporter: like you as a republican would say the same? >> precisely the same. >> reporter: both men say senator-elect brown's win in massachusetts proves they're right. brown, like kucinich and johnson, has an independent streak. what do you hope president obama will say in his state of the union? >> i hope he says that we want to reach out to all people in the process and come up with a product, not only on health care, but on foreign policy and others that will work for america. >> reporter: and then actually do it. >> well, i hope he smiles and says, i hear you. i hear you loud and clear. and that we're going to direct our policies accordingly. >> reporter: back to senator-elect brown for a moment. he told the senator leadership when he was in d.c. he's no rubber stamp. t"the washington post" is reporting that brown saying he had wide support and wants to be inclusi inclusive. he also said, you know, name calling on all tha
on television, you and people like you brought back to america, it was just heartbreaking. absolutely heartbreaking. >> this morning lisa myers broke the story of edwards acknowledging francis quinn hunter, nearly two years old is his daughter. edwards denied paternity even after admitting an affair with her mother, rielle hunter. today edwards said the following -- >>> also making news, what's next for conan o'brien now that the late night host struck a deal with nbc. more on that ahead. also, more aftershocks in haiti rattles already frazzled nerves. we're going to speak to doctors without borders about what it takes to heal the survivors in their frustration about the slow pace their aid has been arriving. this is msnbc. when you take 10 minutes to answer 10 questions you help our community get what it needs for the next, oh, 10 years. we can't move forward until you mail it back. 2010 census . unlock an outdoor dreamland for your indoor cat. exciting flavor combinations, plus a touch of garden greens make it irresistible. friskies indoor delights. feed the senses. ♪ [ male annou
in the back of the bus, out of certain schools. for trent lott to say we voted for him and america would have been better had he won is to say that his leaving the democratic party to support segregation would have been better for the country. how do you compare that to a man saying why he was supporting a black becoming president and why he felt, even though he said it in ways that i would not agree with the words, but that he felt he was palpable? it is the exact reverse. it is an insult to the american public to act like we reacted differently when someone endorsed a segregationist ticket and someone saying i think this guy can win even as a black candidate because i think that even voters that have these kind of racial views can see him as palpable. >> let me ask you about another eyebrow raising excerpt from this new book. the late senator kennedy was offended, reportedly, by some of the comments former president clinton made when seeking kennedy's endorsement of his wife, hillary clinton. and let me read this. the book reports, quote, bill clinton then went on belittling obama in a man
is more concerned about the security of america than the niceties of what law -- what constitutional law professors at ivy league colleges debate in the morning. >> i think it's worth balancing both. >> i agree with you 100%. i just couldn't agree with you more. i am dead serious here. i am all -- >> the people last night kept telling joe he looked so much better in person, and they were acting stunned. >> i don't know what it is. the people come up to me and say you look about 10 years younger in person. they say the tv adds in my case 400 pounds, and it also adds about 40 years to me. i don't know why. >> me too. >> i think you have a mature look on tv. distinguished. in person people realize this is kid in the back of the classroom. >> you have to really slim down. >> wait. >> that will fix it. >> i've got to slim down. wow. >> the joys he takes in living -- >> if he wants to fix the problem of the disconnect. >> are you saying that -- >> you have to be really lean to be on tv. >> the fact that i'm on chubby -- >> it's cute. >> it gives me a sort of sheen and i look young. >> it's oka
that the democratic party trumps everything in america, it's got to be -- it's got to do what's right for america. >> reporter: and you as a republican would say the same? >> i'd say precisely the same. >> reporter: both men say brown's election proves just that. he has an independent streak. what do you hope president obama will say in his state of the union? >> i hope he says we want to reach out to all people in the process and come up with a product not only on health care but on foreign policy and others that will work for america. >> reporter: and actually do it. >> well, i hope he smiles and says i hear you. i hear you loud and clear, and that we're going to direct our policies accordingly. >> reporter: so is it possible for civility at least to return to washington? congressman johnson hopes people in both parties seize the day. he says if they don't, we're doomed. john? >> all right, carol costello this morning. thanks. >>> are you fed up with the anger? sound off on the story at cnn.com/amfix this morning. >>> all right. it's half past the hour right now, it's time for the top stories.
was in our interest to provide. the result of this is simple. pakistanis have come to the conclusion america is not a reliable ally, because america has not been a reliable ally. what america needs to do with pakistan is a policy of constancy, of cajoling, of pressuring, supporting, helping, of correcting, of screaming at, engagement. at all times and at all levels. bearing in mind that we should always keep the civilian government at the top of the agenda of who we deal with. the stakes in afghanistan and pakistan today are enormous. they're for must not just in south asia, but they're for must for americans. this is the place from which the attack of september 11 was planned and coordinated. recent event have underscored the risk we continue to run. they may have been orchestrated in yemen this time, but the head of the snake, as far as we know, remains in pakistan and afghanistan. but the stakes are also enormous for this president. wars consume presidencies. this is now america's longest war. and it is bound to consume this presidency as well. the president's advisers, many of them, part
, a major step forward for america. let's make sure the health care bill is as strong as possible. under the house plan, we'll be offered good coverage at work. and we won't pay a tax on our health benefits. if you're self-employed or between jobs, you'll be able to afford insurance. and you can keep the benefits you have now. we're at the finish line, tell the president and congress, choose wisely, get it right for us. bull market or bear, traders are always hungry for ideas. trading's all about strategy. and strategy... is all about information. heat mapping shows me where the money's moving. twenty-five hundred stocks... one quick glance. that's where the action is. look at this, pattern matcher. pattern matcher spots technical patterns automatically. it's like pattern radar. td ameritrade. built by traders, for traders. this is what i need. announcer: trade commission free for 30 days, plus get 100 dollars cash, when you open an account. >>> we are at war. president obama said it plainly today in a speech that began with the mea culpa, seg wayed into a prescription for fixing the pro
. bill: it's growing. good morning, i'm bill hemmer, welcome to nerk's -- to "america's newsroom". martha: i'm martha maccallum, the cbo report on budget estimates for the decade coming in and as washington continues to bleed red ink the report is expected to name the fiscal debate on capitol hill this coming year, and this will be a very big focus of that. rich edison is joining us from the fox business network. so, gee, you know, i mean, rich, you take a look at that number, how bad do we expect them to get from here? >> reporter: martha, they'll be ugly and analysts expect the federal government to continue running these deficits in the future. last year, the u.s. ran up about a trillion and a half dollars in debt, analysts expect the office to forecast about the same, trillion and a half budget decifit this year, the recession has cost millions of jobs, there are fewer people working and that means fewer paying taxes and less government revenue. on top of that, the government is spending much more money, some analysts say even after the recession, the feds will continue to hit trillio
to face with a rad came cleric al-laki, a born america living in yemen, awlaki used to be a priest in virginia, connected to the hijackers in 9/11 and the guy who communicated with the fort hood shooter before that deadly attack on post in texas. we have a terrorist analyst live from london, very familiar with this terrorist join us for that, here. >>> in washington, we're awaiting a briefing from the president on the security mistake that led to the chris may say bomber attempt and get this, from the national security adviser that works out of the west wing, jim jones, this morning he says get ready, america, what they reveal in this report will, quote, shock you. what does that mean? good morning, everybody, i'm bill hemmer live from "america's newsroom". good morning. >> thank you very much, it is a busy morning, i'm jamie colby and we are tracking stories on the attempted bombing, including reports that one intel agency knew this terror suspect was on that plane. they were reportedly planning on talking to him when the plane touched down in detroit. bill: bill, a man who knows
overnight sleep over in america. they have tony for the kids. matchbox car for johnny and off to bed for well-deserved night of rest. the paperwork isn't over. there is more to get through. but the davies say they're thankful the hardest part of getting them out is over. more to come on this. we have new video for that tomorrow, too. >> julie: a relief to hear the positive stories coming from haiti, though there are few. great to hear. thank you. for the latest news on haiti, go to foxnews.com/helphaiti where you find the latest headlines and information how you can make a difference, including list of reputable organization and charities. go to foxnews.com/helphaiti to learn more. waning support for congress for man in charge of the u.s. central bank and time is running out for his confirmation. what experts say could happen if he doesn't get needed votes. fox news is on the job hunt. how veterans are helping honor fellow service men and women next. >> mike: part of a major u.s. port closed after a collision between two ships prompt a big oil spill. the coast guard saying 450,000 ga
acosta. it's such an irony, ted kennedy's dying wish was to see america's health care system overhauled and the seat goes to a republican who has completely different ideas. >> reporter: that's right, john. and democrats may hope that what happened in massachusetts stays in massachusetts, but that is not going to be the case if a remember in scott brown can campaign across this state saying he will vote against health care reform in what is a very liberal state, obviously the signs for the democrats, not good, coming up in these midterm elections as this campaign goes on, john. and scott brown said some very interesting things last night. he essentially took all the independents in the state who were very worried about president obama's agenda and put them in the back of his pickup truck that he talked about so often during this campaign and drove them to victory. he talked last night about how this is the people's seat, not ted kennedy's seat, throwing a bone to all those folks in massachusetts who really bristled at the idea that this was holding on to ted kennedy's seat for the democ
on "america and the courts," an interview with supreme court clerk william suter at 7:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span. >> fox news contributor michelle malkin is our guest this weekend on "in department." take your calls, emails and tweets, three hours on sunday live at noon eastern on book tv. >> this week on "the communicators," a discussion about the internet with rod beck strom -- beckstrom. >> this week, we are pleased to have the president and c.e.o. of icam. start by explaining what ican. assigned names and numbers and four things that that we do, we set the global policies for 200 million internet domain names. all names have to be unique. we enforce that through our partners around the world. we keep the listing of all internet addresses or the allocation policies. so names, addresses and the system so the internet works when you type c c-span.org, that's called the domain name system and we coordinate that with different partners around the world. and we are the master repository for the internet standards that are called parameters and protocols that hold the internet together. t
america. >> geraldo: it is scruffy, got to go. >> you look like grizzly adams. >> if you want me to shave it i will. you have to vote on it, though. 1-888-tell fox. whatever you vote i will do live before the end of the program. vote 1-888-tell-fox. here now the news. >> this is fox news alert. strong 6.5 magnitude earthquake has hit northern california. the quake's epicenter measuring 22 miles west of west northwest of the town of ferndale, california. 265 miles north of san francisco. that is that forested coastal region in way northern california. it is not the huge population centers in l.a., san francisco. actually, it is not far from the oregon border. the town of ferndale cops report some damage to the city hall. some telephone lines are down. they are checking the main bridge in town but so far, ladies and gentlemen, no major damage has been reported and they are saying that there is a very low probability of a tsunami hitting the coast because of the magnitude of the earthquake. the last major quake to hit the area was in 1994 and measured 6.6. now, to the rest of the sh
now. >> larry: tonight, rudy giuliani. he saw new york through a terror attack that brought america's biggest city to its knees. how does he think president obama is handling the crisis that confronts america today? he's here to tell us. >>> and then the roman polanski rape case. back before a judge today. the victim wants the charges against him dismissed. we've got all the latest and all next on "larry king live." >> larry: we begin with the former mayor of new york, rudy giuliani. he sought the republican nomination for the presidency in 2008. lots to talk about. what about, you are not going to run for governor. are you going to run for senate? what's next for you? >> what is next for me is continuing to build my two businesses, giuliani partners and bracewell giuliani. we're involved with a security consulting company. we're doing security in various parts of the world and a worldwide law firm bracewell giuliani. i'm very busy and not the time to leave. too many things going on. >> larry: might you consider it some time down the road? >> yeah, sure. you never know. what i found
find loving parents and new homes in america. is their status settled? the federal government's poured tens of billions of your dollars into economic stimulus. worthwhile? big fat waste? we'll square off ron paul and robert reich take on each other next on "larry king live." good evening. residents of port-au-prince waited in lines for hours today to get their first relief supplies. bags of rice and beans. food and supplies are slowly making their way to the people who need them so desperately. to find out where things stand, anderson cooper stands by as he has ever since this started two weeks ago tonight. he is, of course, in port-au-prince. i saw a film from the bbc anderson in which they brought in supplies and took them back. what's going on? >> well, we're seeing a lot of food distribution at this point. they're handing out food in a lot of different areas. i saw a food hantdout by action against hunger, water distribution is a key issue right now. sometimes if there are unruly crowds or things get beyond the control, they will might have away. for the most part things are very o
telling your constituents is this guy's doing all kinds of crazy stuff that's going to destroy america. >> luke russert joins me live from the conference in baltimore with the latest. another good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. how are you? >> i'm great. hope you are, too, luke. let's get to what the gop is saying in the wake of yesterday. what's the buzz from inside the renaissance hotel? >> reporter: it's interesting. a lot of republicans are very optimistic that they will be able to continue a working relationship with president obama that was started yesterday. they said they really enjoyed t free flow of ideas. some said they got to know the guy, get to know what he's about and how he operates. it was like a meeting that never occurred and you wonder why it took so long. democrats are ek static about the president's performance. for an hour and a half he refuted every republican talking point. almost in a setting like in house of commons in england which a lot of democrats feel showed him at his best, in debate mode which we know is one of his strongest suits. >> so, l
thank you for joining us. more on haiti in america's news room. >> we have a fox news alert on the disast ner haiti, we are getting brand new images coming into fox that gives us a bird's eye view of this disaster. here are the satellite images of the before and after. this was the after, it was a 7.0 quake that struck, and you can see the incredible devastation. i mean, if you look at the righthand side, it looks like a building under construction, in fact it is the reverse, it is the destruction of all these buildings that we have seen. that is the national cathedral in port-au-prince. there was very sad news about many of the people involved in the catholic church, which is so instrumental to the work being done in hait eevment no word if anybody was inside the cathedral at that horrible moment. good morning, everybody, from here in new york, i'm martha maccallum in "america's newsroom". >> i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer, who has just arrived a short time ago in port-au-prince. we should be hearing from bill any time now, and we're also expect to go hear from the pr
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